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Super auction Chr. van der Velden and son, Zuid Beijerland (nl).


Name Chr. van der Velden en zn.
Location Zuid Beijerland
Country The Netherlands
Telephone 0186-662378
E mail
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Auction type Exclusively on internet
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End date 2/19/2017 5:00 PM
Auction closed

Chr. van der Velden

Better than ever !!!!!


The supremacy of Jaap van der Velden, who after the death of father Chris continued playing with pigeons under his father's name, is of solitary class in the long distance races.


The Van der Velden loft is in a class of its own. The number of National wins is currently at 8 and the number of 2nd places at 5!! Who else can boast that in an area that is all about specialization. We can’t think of anyone at the moment. The worst part of it is, at least for his rivals, is that there seems to be no end in sight, because the pigeons that it is all based on were rarely sold and every year Jaap registers super results again.


In 2016, he did not participate in all races, but nevertheless he managed to play again in the spotlight through three 
prizes on Teletext! His main achievements this year are: 1st prov. St.Vincent, 1st prov. Narbonne, 1st Sector 2 Narbonne
, 4th nat. St.Vincent sect.2, 4th nat. Albi sect.2 and 9th  nat. Narbonne.


An awful  lot has already been written about his strain of pigeons. His father Chris van der Velden was the founder of all of this and he taught Jaap how to get the maximum performances out of them.


 At the rear end of the nineties a son of the 1st int. Barcelona 1987 (and brother of the famous ‘Blauwe Vanoppen’) was borrowed from Chr. Vanoppen in Belgium, to cross breed into their existing strain of pigeons. This turned out to be an addition of unprecedented value. Early birds were clocked from the long distance in all sorts of race conditions, including different Teletext listings and a 1st National as a consequence. One of their greatest achievements was winning the 1st nat . Barcelona in 2003 with their wonder hen named ‘Cheeta’. The descendants of this pigeon were and still are absolutely wonderful.


 When the Wijnands family recorded good breeding results with descendants of their famous ‘Blauwe Vanoppen’, Jaap purchased a direct son, called the ‘Super Vanoppen’.

 The amount of top pigeons that Jaap bred from this cock now borders on the unbelievable. The apotheoses followed in 2013. The ‘Ringo’, a direct son of this ‘Super Vanoppen’, won that year the 1st National Marseille and partly due to this he was crowned 1st Ace Pigeon International Marseille over the last 3 and 4 years.


Besides having a subscription to winning 1st Nationals,  Jaap has also made a habit of winning numerous 1st ace pigeon competitions in the ZLU races. What about another phenomenon of a pigeon named ‘Maximus’. This pigeon was recently crowned 1st National and International Ace Pigeon Perpignan over the periods of 4 and 5 years. Now you can understand what I mean!!!


 But it is not only Jaap himself that records brilliant results with his own strain. Other fanciers are doing the exact same with his pigeons. Multiple early National prizes have been won with his pigeons. Think back to the ‘Super Ben’ of Robert Ben, ‘The Fenomeen’ of the Helsdingen brothers, but not to forget the coming man on the long distance, Amanuel Öz  from Denekamp, has super pigeons from Jaap in his loft. 
Far too many to mention.


In this auction there is top material being offered from this master from Zuid-Beijerland. Pigeons bred directly from:

“Ringo” (last youngster ever sold), “Paulo” (2x), “Father Paulo”, “Maximus”, “New Cheeta”, “De As 87”, “Vanoppi”, “Maxus”, “Bonita”, “Robena”, etc.


If you do not succeed with these pigeons, then it might very well be your own shortcomings.


 We know for sure that these pigeons would compliment any distinguished long distance loft in the world. Don’t miss this opportunity of a golden future!!!!

Top 20 nationaal since 1995

  1st nat. Marseille’13 (2.916 d.)

  1st nat. Pau’11 (2.706 d.)

  1st nat. St.Vincent’08 (5.201 d.)

  1st nat. Barcelona’03 (3.915 d.)

  1st nat. Mont de Marsan’02 (6.220 d.)

  1st nat. Bergerac’00 (11.953 d.)

  1st nat. Cahors S.2’96 (7.250 d.)

  1st nat. Carcassonne S.2’94 (1.371 d.)

  1st S.2 Narbonne´16 (1.943 d.)

  2nd nat. Tarbes ZLU’08 (4.011 d.)

  2nd nat. Bergerac’98 (16.843 d.)

  2nd nat. Bergerac’96 (16.828 d.)

  2nd nat. Cahors S.2’95 (7.747 d.)

  2nd prov. Carcassonne’95 (897 d.)

  3rd nat. Cahors’10 (6.397 d.)

  3rd nat. Bordeaux S.2’01 (5.965 d.)

  3rd  nat. Tarbes S.2’96 (1.541 d.)

  3rd nat. München S.2’00 (630 d.)

  4th nat. St.Vincent S.2’16 (2.921 d.)

  4th nat. Albi S.2’16 (2.773 d.)

  4th nat. Perpignan’05 (6.300 d.)

  4th nat. Bordeaux S.2’04 (8.854 d.)

  5th nat. Bordeaux S.2’02 (8.152 d.)

  5th nat. Montauban S.2’95 (4.059 d.)

  6th nat. Perpignan’08 (5.622 d.)

  6th nat. St.Vincent’05 (6.621 d.)

  6th nat. Dax’97 (5.315 d.)

  7th nat. St.Vincent’10 (5.336 d.)

  7th nat. Tarbes’07 (5.210 d.)

  7th nat. St.Vincent’06 (6.830 d.)

  7th nat. Dax’00 (4.578 d.)

  7th nat. Cahors S.2’95 (7.747 d.)

  8th nat. Barcelona’12 (6.392 d.)

  8th nat. Dax ZLU’06 (3.260 d.)

  8th nat. Bordeaux S.2’05 (9.277 d.)

  9th nat. Narbonne´16 (5.042 d.)

  9th nat. Perpignan’11 (5.607 d.)

  9th nat. St.Vincent’01 (6.330 d.)

  9th nat. Bordeaux S.2’99 (11.622 d.)

  9th nat. Marseille’95 (3.571 d.)

  9th nat. Montauban S.2’96 (5.108 d.)

10th nat. Bordeaux S.2’05 (6.738 d.)

11th nat. Marseille’04 (5.884 d.)

11th nat. Bergerac’03 (9.354 d.)

11th  nat. Bordeaux S.2’01 (8.825 d.)

11th nat. Bergerac’99 (14.284 d.)

11th nat. Montauban S.2’98 (8.113 d.)

11th nat. Tarbes’97 (2.941 d.)

11th  nat. Cahors S.2’96 (7.250 d.)

12th nat. Narbonne’08 (3.816 d.)

12th nat. Bordeaux S.2’04 (7.264 d.)

12th nat. Marseille’97 (4.449 d.)

12th nat. Perpignan’97 (3.985 d.)

12th nat. St.Vincent’96 (8.993 d.)

13th nat. Narbonne’08 (3.816 d.)

13th nat. St.Vincent’05 (6.621 d.)

13th prov. Carcassonne’95 (897 d.)

14th nat. Bergerac’13 (7.655 d.)

14th nat. Perpignan’03 (5.890 d.)

14th nat. Perpignan’96 (3.815 d.)

16th nat. Narbonne’12 (4.303 d.)

16th nat. Bergerac’06 (14.576 d.)

16th nat. St.Vincent’04 (6.385 d.)

16th nat. Dax’99 (5.856 d.)

16th nat. Marseille’97 (4.449 d.)

16th nat. Bergerac’97 (13.920 d.)

17th nat. Perpignan’11 (5.607 d.)

17th nat. St.Vincent’07 (5.232 d.)

17th nat. St.Vincent’06 (6.830 d.)

18th nat. Narbonne’11 (3.968 d.)

18th nat. St.Vincent’07 (5.232 d.)

18th nat. Bergerac’05 (12.956 d.)

18th  nat. St.Vincent’02 (7.377 d.)

18th F.B.Z. Bordeaux’02 (1.333 d.)

18th nat. Dax’99 (5.856 d.)

18th nat. Tarbes S.2’96 (1.541 d.)

19th nat. Pau’09 (2.751 d.)

20th nat. Bordeaux S.2’04 (8.854 d.)

20th nat. Mont de Marsan’03 (7.245 d.)

Best References

1e nat. Orange S.3’13

(25 % v.d.Velden)

Amanuel Öz, Denekamp

1e nat. St.Vincent’11

(50 % v.d.Velden)

H. Borgelink, Denekamp

1e nat. Bordeaux Oud’09

(50 % v.d.Velden)

Gebr. Helsdingen, Nijkerkerveen

1e nat. Perpignan’06

(50 % v.d.Velden)

L. Hokke, Ooltgensplaat

1e nat. Barcelona’04

(50 % v.d.Velden)

Robert Ben, Calais (F.)

1e nat. Mont de Marsan’03

(50 % v.d.Velden)

Ad Fortuin, Strijen

1e nat. Bordeaux S.2’02

(75 % v.d.Velden)

P. Sluimer, Zuid-Beijerland

1e Asduif Sector 2’01

(50 % v.d.Velden)

M.J.A. Rodenrijs, Maasland

1e Afd.10 Brive’99

(50 % v.d.Velden)

B. Kip, Hollandsche Veld

1e nat. St.Vincent’97

(25 % v.d.Velden)

Comb. Burg/Luyken, Rotterdam

2e nat. Perigueux S.3’13

(50 % v.d.Velden)

H. Lukkassen, Westervoort

2e nat. St.Vincent’06

(25 % v.d. Velden)

Des Nobels, Achthuizen

2e nat. Barcelona’03

(50 % v.d.Velden)

Robert Ben, Calais (F.)

2e nat. Barcelona’03

(25 % v.d.Velden)

D. van Es, ’s Gravendeel

2e nat. Duifkampioen '98-'02

(50 % v.d.Velden)

M.J.A. Rodenrijs, Maasland

3e nat. Tarbes S.1´15

(50 % v.d.Velden)

Geerlings/v. Duin, Noordwijkerh.

3e nat. Perigueux S.3´14

(100 % v.d.Velden)

Amanuel Öz, Denekamp

3e nat. Cahors S. 1´13

(50 % v.d.Velden)

P. Kuijten, Waspik

3e nat. Bergerac S.4’09

(50 % v.d.Velden)

Bennie Homma, Balk

3e nat. Perpignan’08

(50 % v.d.Velden)

P. Sluimer, Zuid-Beijerland

3e nat. Perpignan’03

(50 % v.d.Velden)

Robert Ben, Calais (F.)

3e nat. Barcelona’01

(50 % v.d.Velden)

Robert Ben, Calais (F.)

3e nat. Perpignan’00

(50 % v.d.Velden)

Robert Ben, Calais (F.)

3e nat. Cahors S.2’99

(50 % v.d.Velden)

Batenburg/ v.d. Merwe, Klaaswaal

5e nat. Perpignan’13

(75 % v.d.Velden)

P. Sluimer, Zuid-Beijerland

5e nat. Dax ZLU’05

(50 % v.d.Velden)

Gebr. Hagens, Achthuizen

5e nat. Bordeaux S.2’05

(50 % v.d.Velden)

A. Kooy, Heinenoord

6e nat. Montauban’09

(50 % v.d.Velden)

Henri Hoeks, Bovensmilde

6e nat. Barcelona’07

(25 % v.d.Velden)

Batenburg/ v.d. Merwe, Klaaswaal

6e nat. Perpignan’04

(50 % v.d.Velden)

Robert Ben, Calais (F.)

7e nat. Limoges S.4’12

(75 % v.d.Velden)

Henri Hoeks, Bovensmilde


Show as list
14 pigeons in this auction
Average price € 664.29/pigeon

3 - NL 16-1511647 - Daughter of 2 Provincial winners: Maxus and Bonita

Granddaughter “Maximus”.


€ 500.-

2/19/2017 5:10 PM

7 - NL 16-1511620 - Daughter “As 87” 1st. nat. ace Pau and “Robena”.

1st. nat. Tarbes hens


€ 900.-

2/19/2017 5:20 PM

11 - NL 16-1511646 - Dtr. of 2 Provincial winners: “Maxus” and “Bonita"

Granddaughter “Maximus”.


€ 450.-

2/19/2017 5:20 PM

12 - NL 16-1511610 - Half-sister Cherita, granddaughter Super Vanoppen

and “New Cheeta.


€ 375.-

2/19/2017 5:20 PM

13 - NL 16-1511614 - Son of the “Goede 22” (half-brother “Paulo”)

grandson “Super Vanoppen”.


€ 250.-

2/19/2017 5:00 PM

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