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13 - 16-1883786 - Grandson ‘Superkweker 301’

Offered by TopPigeons

Ring 16-1883786
Name Grandson ‘Superkweker 301’
Colour Blue
Sex Cock
Pedigree Grandson ‘Superkweker 301’
Lot number 13
End bid € 325.-  
End date 1/15/2017 4:00 PM

Lot 13



Grandson ‘Superkweker 301’

Sire: 13-1522079, won as a yearling the 11th Nat. Agen & 1463rd Int. Narbonne

Grandfather: Brother ‘Superkweker 301’.

Grandmother: Granddaughter Etterbak, an excellent stock hen.

Dam: Daughter ‘Superkweker 301’.

Grandfather: ‘Superkweker 301’, sire to the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon ’11, 85th Nat. St. Vincent. Other children of his won: 224th Nat. Bordeaux, 334th Nat. Narbonne, 140th Nat. Bordeaux, 68th Nat. Barcelona, 122nd Nat. Perpignan, 126th Nat. Perpignan, 269th Nat. Narbonne, 511th Nat. Barcelona, 733rd Nat. Perpignan, 795th Nat. Barcelona, 19th, 83rd and 156th Nat. Agen, 212th Nat. Agen, 204th Nat. Marseille etc.

Grandmother: Sister 1st Nat. Barcelona, Noël Peiren.

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