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24 - 12-1735525 - Prime racing pigeon

Offered by TopPigeons

Ring 12-1735525
Name Prime racing pigeon
Colour Blue
Sex Cock
Lot number 24
Start bid € 100.-
Current bid No bid yet  
Start date 1/8/2017 8:00:00 PM
End date 1/22/2017 5:00 PM
Remaining time

Voordat u biedingen uit kunt brengen dient u eerst ingelogd te zijn.

Lot 24




Prime racing pigeon

He won himself:

367th Nat. Agen ‘16

439th Nat. Bordeaux ‘13

1230th Nat. Bordeaux ‘15

Sire: 10-5019580. Son St. Vincent sister.

Excellent breeder and sire to the:12-588, who won:

22nd Nat. Bergerac

and the 12-526, winner:

192nd Nat. Marseille ‘15

310th Nat. Bordeaux ‘15

560th Nat. Agen ‘16

767th Nat. Bordeaux ‘14

1653th Nat. Bordeaux ‘13

and the 11-356, who won:

322nd Nat. Tarbes ‘13

639th Nat. Perpignan ‘13

and to the 12-525, winner:

367th Nat. Agen ‘16

Grandfather: 06-4724355, Son 700, Chr. van der Velden. He won:

65th Nat. St. Vincent ‘10

75th Nat. Montauban ‘09

143rd Nat. Bordeaux

160th Nat. Limoges ‘08

182nd Nat. Bordeaux ‘09

208th Nat. Orange ‘10

242nd Nat. Limoges ‘09

Brother of “Aragon”, 21st, 42nd, 50th, 87th National.

Grandmother: 05-4712054, St. Vincent sister. Won 10 prizes including:

8th Nat. Montauban ‘07

30th Nat. St. Vincent ‘07

149th Nat. Montauban

184th Nat. St. Vincent

291st Nat. Bordeaux

313th Nat. St. Vincent

Sister of the 1st Nat. St. Vincent, 2nd Nat. Montauban and 55th Nat. St. Vincent

Dam: 11-3033126.

Mother of the: ’12-588”, winner 22nd Nat. Bergerac

and of the “12-526”, who won 192nd Nat. Marseille and 310th Nat. Bordeaux

and of the 12-526, who won 367th Nat. Agen ‘16

Grandfather: 01-0144280, “Son Oude Blauwe”. Won himself the 364th Nat. Bordeaux, sire to the “09-818”, 28th Nat. Bordeaux, and to the “11-127”, 111th Nat. Marseille, and the “10-121, 191s Nat. St. Vincent ‘12

Grandmother: 08-1525352, dam to the “11-127”, 111th Nat. Marseille ’13, grandmother of the “12-588”, 22nd Nat. Bergerac ’13 and the 192nd Nat. Marseille

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