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6 - 16-1386192 - Tyson x dtr. Red Rose, AceP. Perpignan 2014-2016

Offered by Combinatie Verweij de Haan

Ring 16-1386192
Name Tyson x dtr. Red Rose, AceP. Perpignan 2014-2016
Colour Checker
Sex Cock
Pedigree Tyson x dtr. Red Rose, AceP. Perpignan 2014-2016
Lot number 6
Start bid € 100.-
Current bid € 300.-  
Start date 1/8/2017 8:00:00 PM
End date 1/22/2017 8:00 PM
Remaining time

Voordat u biedingen uit kunt brengen dient u eerst ingelogd te zijn.

Lot 6;

Tyson x daughter Red Rose, Ace Pigeon Perpignan 2014-2016


The sire is Tyson, top racer, grandson of Barry.

Tyson won:

33rd Nat. St. Vincent                         3.008 b.

166th Nat. St. Vincent                    15.918 b.

170th Nat. St. Vincent ZLU               3.714 b.

249th Nat. Perpignan                       5.589 b.


Tyson is a son of Late Night Lady, top hen and winner of:

27th Nat. Cahors morning liberation 7.305 b.

77th Nat. Barcelona                 6.392 b.

53rd Nat. Bergerac                5.091 b.

126th Nat. Cahors 12           8.832 b.

131st Nat. Mont de Marsan 2011


Mother is daughter Red Rose. This year has still not been raced from the long-distance but her mother is something exceptional:

Red Rose


1st Ace Pigeon ZLU Perpignan 2014-2016


1st Prov. Perpignan 2014

3rd SNZH                            2.112 b.

4th Nat. Perpignan Hens               1.708 b.

32nd Nat. Perpignan         6.414 b.

Large lead in the entire district from a tough Perpignan!


In 2015 two races:

32nd Nat. Pau     3.433 b.

71st Int. Pau        9.052 b.

288th Nat. Perpignan      5.589 b.


In 2016 only two races for her:

12th Nat. Pau                           3.788 b.

14th Int. Pau                             9.908 b.

19th Nat. Perpignan                 4.027 b.

4th Nat. Perpignan Hens          1.079 b.

52nd Int. Perpignan               12. 689 b.

16th Int. Perpignan Hens          2.915 b.


Nothing but early prizes!!


Grandson of Red Rose and son of Tyson, good x good

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