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14 - 16-1385982 - Batman, top racer, half-br. Balotelli x dtr. Milos

Offered by Combinatie Verweij de Haan

Ring 16-1385982
Name Batman, top racer, half-br. Balotelli x dtr. Milos
Colour Blue w.f.
Sex Hen
Pedigree Batman, top racer, half-br. Balotelli x dtr. Milos
Lot number 14
Start bid € 100.-
Current bid € 300.-  
Start date 1/8/2017 8:00:00 PM
End date 1/22/2017 9:00 PM
Remaining time

Voordat u biedingen uit kunt brengen dient u eerst ingelogd te zijn.

Lot 14;
Blue w.f.

Batman, top racer, half-brother Balotelli x daughter Milos

Sire is Batman,

A youthful top racer, half-brother of Balotelli, Batman has not yet missed his prize:

96th Nat. Bordeaux Agen ZLU   5.055 b.

37th SNZH Cahors                        2.581 b.

125th Nat. Cahors                        5.810 b.

129th Nat. Bordeaux Agen ZLU 6.887 b.

300th Nat. Marseille                    3.320 b.



a half-brother of Balotelli:

1st Internat. Agen-Bordeaux ’15 7.135 b. and fastest of 12.869 b.

5th Nat. Cahors ’12      5.571 b.

6th Nat. Cahors ’13      5.340 b.

89th NPO Chateaudun 8.178 b.


Half-sister Mila:

8th Internat. Agen-Bordeaux ’15 against 7.135 b. and 10th fastest of 12.869 b.



Dam is daughter Milos x daughter Miss Gijsje 780

She won amongst others

412th Nat. Perpignan      4.027 b.

439th Nat. St. Vincent     3.387 b.



1st NPO Montauban 1.862 d. (the only bird to arrive in North-Holland on the day of liberation)

Super-breeder and sire/grandsire to the:

1st Nat. St. Vincent ZLU, 1st Ace Pigeon ZLU Perpignan 2014-2016, 2nd Nat. Narbonne ZLU, 2nd Nat. Tarbes, 4th Nat. St. Vincent, 8th Nat. Perpignan, 9th Marseille, 12th Nat. Pau, 15th Nat. Bordeaux ZLU, 16th Nat. Bergerac, 18th Nat. Bordeaux ZLU, 19th Nat. Perpignan, 32nd Nat. Pau, 32nd Nat. Perpignan, 32nd Nat. Pau, 42nd Nat. Tarbes ZLU etc. etc.!!!!

Is there a better breeder to be found for the ZLU races???

“Daughter Miss Gijsje 780”

Miss Gijsje:

Olympic Champion 2013!!!

6th NU Brive                       18.246 b.

7th NU Montp.                   10.253 b.

7th Nat. Cahors                 11.054 b.

15th NU Brive                    12.332 b.

35th Nat. Aurillac              10.219 b.

40th Nat. Albi                      5.949 b.

1st Olympiad over '11 & '12 Nitra

2nd West-European Nations Cup over '10 & '11.

A brother of Miss Gijsje; Snelle Jelle won:

2nd Nat. Perpignan 5.616 b.

Sister Rood Meisje is winner of

1st Nat. Brive          7.092 b.

5th NPO Albi           2.471 b.

Sister Marianne won:

4th Nat. Brive            7.092 b.

9th Nat. Cahors       10.178 b.

14th Nat. Bergerac 10.327 b. 

Etc., etc., etc., a top family!!


Full brother of ‘daughter Miss Gijsje 780’ is

430 of Jelle Jellema an absolute top breeder for Jelle, sire to the:

3rd Int. Narbonne '16

9th Nat. Perpignan '16

10th Nat. Barcelona'16

13th Nat. Marseille'16

22nd NPO St. Vincent'16

27th Nat. Perpignan'15


The 780 is dam to several good racing pigeons including the

6th NPO Cahors                 1.048 b.

5th SNZH Cahors               1.342 b.

32nd Nat. Cahors               3.653 b.




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