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15 - 16-1385972 - Inbred Balotelli, inbred Barry

Offered by Combinatie Verweij de Haan

Ring 16-1385972
Name Inbred Balotelli, inbred Barry
Colour Checker
Sex Hen
Pedigree Inbred Balotelli, inbred Barry
Lot number 15
Start bid € 100.-
Current bid € 275.-  
Start date 1/8/2017 8:00:00 PM
End date 1/22/2017 9:00 PM
Remaining time

Voordat u biedingen uit kunt brengen dient u eerst ingelogd te zijn.

Lot 15;

Son Balotelli x daughter Balotelli. Balotelli 1st Int. Bordeaux-Agen 12.689 b., 5th Nat. Cahors 5.571 b., 6th Nat. Cahors 5.359 b. Inbred!! 

Inbred Balotelli, inbred Barry


Balotelli, is there a better pigeon in the world from the morning liberations??? Early on three occasions, flew 950 km in one day!!!

The story of International Bordeaux-Agen, on the 26th June 2015. The birds were liberated at 6:30 AM with very warm weather at a race distance of 946 km. After flying for 10 hours and 37 minutes the “Balotelli” arrived, good enough for the International victory against 7.135 birds and the fastest of the entire convoy of 12.869 old and yearling birds with a lead of 23 metres per minute. Fastest on the day of liberation against 23.325 birds.

Almost a half hour later he was followed up by his half-sister “Mila” (8th International).


1st Internat. Agen-Bordeaux ’15 against 7.135 d. and fastest of 12.869 b.

5th Nat. Cahors   ’12     5.571 b.

6th Nat. Cahors   ’13     5.340 b.

89th NPO Chateaudun 8.178 b.


Barry Absolute Top racer and winner of:

28th Nat. St. Vincent 2010    5.336 b. 

39th Nat. Cahors 2011         10.381 b.

47th Nat. Bergerac 2007     10.903 b.

76th Nat Bordeaux 2009     13.393 b.

98th Nat. St. Vincent 2008    5.201 b.

14x races, 14x prizes!!! Never missed his prize.

Even from Laon    50th against 19.513 b.

Two years in a row the 2nd Champion Marathon North of the past 3 years!

Barry the Super-breeder (gr)sire to 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th NPO

Sire to among others the Balotelli, winner:

1st Int. Agen-Bordeaux 2015 against 7.135 b. and fastest of 12.869 b.,

5th Nat Cahors 2012 morning liberation 5.571 b.,

6th Nat. Cahors 2013 morning liberation 5.340b.

Also of Mila:

8th Int. Agen-Bordeaux 2015 against 7.135 b. and 10th fastest of 12.869 b.

And sire to the Basto

15th Nat. Cahors 2013 morning liberation 5.340 b.

Barry is already grandsire to the:

 1st NPO Tarbes and 5th Nat. S3 against 8.853 b.

 1st NPO Bordeaux and 11th Nat. S2 against 3.340 b. etc.

15th Nat. Bergerac etc. etc.


Lovely inbred youngster to the Balotelli & Barry!

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