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13 - NL 16-1511614 - Son of the “Goede 22” (half-brother “Paulo”)

grandson “Super Vanoppen”. offered by Chr. van der Velden en zn.

Ring NL 16-1511614
Name Son of the “Goede 22” (half-brother “Paulo”)
Colour Blue
Sex Cock
Pedigree Son of the “Goede 22” (half-brother “Paulo”)
Lot number 13
End bid € 250.-  
End date 2/19/2017 5:00 PM

Lot 13

NL 16-1511614 Cock, blue. Summer bred 2016.

Son of the “Goede 22” (half-brother “Paulo”) and grandson “Super Vanoppen”.

The “Goede 22” won the 23rd Nat. St. Vincent ZLU '13, 51st Nat. St. Vincent ´15 and 85th Nat. St. Vincent '11. He is a half-brother of "Paulo", who won the 1st Nat. Pau ’11.

The “Super Vanoppen” is a genuine SUPER-BREEDER and sire to a: 1st -3rd -4th -13th -16th -18th -21st -25th -29th etc. National!!!

SIRE: 08-1525222, the “Goede 22”.

This nest cock won 10 prizes himself including a 23rd Nat. St. Vincent ZLU '13, 51st Nat. St. Vincent ´15, 85th Nat. St. Vincent '11, 289th Nat. St. Vincent '12, 362nd Nat. Narbonne '12 and 400th Nat. Narbonne '11. Half-brother of "Paulo", 1st Nat. Pau ’11, 19th Nat. Pau '09, 123rd Nat. Tarbes ZLU '10, 198th Nat. Tarbes ZLU '09, and of the "03-776", winner of the 32nd Nat. Bergerac '04.

He was bred from the “Son Rocky-Cheeta”, or in other words from the 2 National winners "Rocky" (1st Nat. Mont de Marsan '02) and "Cheeta" (1st Nat. Barcelona '03) and was placed in the stock loft straight away, x “Daughter Speedy - Juweeltje”. "Speedy" won as a yearling the 2nd Nat. Bergerac '98 and the 28th Nat. Montauban '98. "'t Juweeltje" is dam to 4 Teletext birds, including "Paco", 1st Nat. Bergerac '00, and grandmother of 4 Teletext birds, of which one is "Gogo", 1st Nat. St. Vincent '08.

Dam: 11-1725071, “Daughter Super Vanoppen”.

Placed directly in the stock loft. A half-sister of “Ringo”, 1st Nat. Marseille '13, 1st int. Ace Pigeon Marseille '13 (over 3 and 4 years), 25th Nat. Marseille '10 and 75th Nat. Marseille '12. A full sister of "Lucky", 1st Ace Pigeon Narbonne ’08-'10 (3 years), 13th Nat. Narbonne '08, 21st Nat. Mont de Marsan S.2 '08, 29th Nat. Narbonne '10, 104th Nat. Pau '09, 170th Nat. Narbonne '09, and of the "As 87", 1st Ace Pigeon Pau '09-12 (4 years), 1st Ace Pigeon Pau ’09-'11 (3 years), 63rd Nat. Pau '11, 71st Nat. Perpignan '11, 94th Nat. Pau '10 and 103rd Nat. Pau '09. She is also a half-sister of the "172", who won 3rd Nat. Cahors '10, and of "Salinero", 1st Prov. and 4th Nat. Perpignan '05.

She was bred from the TOP-breeder “Super Vanoppen”, direct H. Wijnands & Son from their source cock the “Blauwe Vanoppen” x “Daughter Cheeta 599”. “Cheeta” won the 1st Nat. Barcelona '03 and this granddaughter of the 1st Int. Barcelona ’87 of Chr. Vanoppen is grandmother of 6 Teletext birds, including the “Paulo”, 1st Nat. Pau ’11. The “Super Vanoppen” is sire to a: 1st-3rd-4th-13th-16th-18th-21st-25th-29th etc. Nat. and grandsire to a: 5th-6th-7th-7th-8th-17th-22nd-39th Nat.

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