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Mees van Ginkel

Middellaan 71
3904LE Veenendaal
The Netherlands
Lady Montauban
Team van Ginkel
Our accommodation
Lady Montauban
Piet de Vogel
Super Stayer
Contador and Lady Montauban

I Mees van Ginkel, 46 years married to Patricia and father of 3 children; Henriko (16), Eline (13) and Steffan (11).
Since February 2007 we live in Veenendaal, for that time we have 14 years in IJzendoorn (Lower Betuwe town) lived.
I am totally hooked on the long distance flights organized by the Gelders Overijssel Union and North Union.
Our kind of pigeon lofts inhabited what we are all directly or directly from birds of Piet de Vogel in Oude Tonge.
Since 2001 I came in contact with Piet de Vogel, a man with a small colony Aarden pigeons with super results. From that time, there are also annual pigeons from Oude Tonge direction Veenendaal.
In IJzendoorn years I have flown to the head and several early results and several championships.
Now in 2007 I first started with youngsters. These pigeons as I yearlings in 2008 include. played at Montauban and Bergerac, resulting in such Montauban 1st (78th National Division 3).
In 2009 the first all overnight races in our club (19 flight pens) taken resulting in obtaining the 1st and 1st Designated Unassigned Championship at the Overnightfond, also 1st Pigeonchampion Overnight with "Shakira".
To top it off a 2nd National Montauban played with "Lady Montauban". In 2010 she won the 4e NAtional Cahors. This hen is now in her young life already 2nd,4th,78th and 180th National won.

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From 1 April 2010 Member of Foundation N.O.O.K.(Dutch Covering Breeding Centre) To the purchaser of the youngsters to reassure that they are actually standing in the map shown above pigeons become.By purchaseguarantee a certain amount free DNA.

"Lady Montauban", 2e Long Distance Champion 2009 2 of 3,.
2e Nat. Montauban’09 (ad.5524)
4e Nat.Cahors’10 (ad.4887)
78e Nat.Montauban’08 (ad.5293)
180e Nat.Bordeaux’09 (ad.8058)

From 2013 we will focus more on the Z.L.U. races. Last year 2012 already allowed to tests on Pau and Perpignan with a price rate of 75%.
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