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DJ Martin

Spangenstraat 1
5165CZ Waspik
The Netherlands
0416 311092

Born in Drogheda in the Republic of Ireland, I moved to the Netherlands in 1980.

I am a long distance fancier in heart and soul and a member of Federation 2, Brabant 2000. Since the 2012 season I am concentrating purely on the International ZLU races. These are the genuine Nationals in which the entire nation participates with one liberation, not like the National NPO races that are not even semi-Nationals with the exception of the St. Vincent race. The ZLU races is the only discipline in the sport that is growing every year both with the amount of pigeons and participants.

Along with my good friend Jos v/d Heijden we went about buying eggs and birds from many leading Marathon lofts in the country. One of those fanciers is the well known Jan Polder from Middelharnis. Down the years a number of eggs and youngsters have been acquired from him and one of those youngsters was the NL06-1021378, a daughter of the DOLORES (16th National Barcelona), her children are doing extremely well for me at the moment winning the likes of
19th Marseille ZLU 2013, 
25th Bordeaux ZLU 2012, 
59th Bordeaux ZLU 2013,
89th Narbonne ZLU 2012,
152nd Narbonne ZLU 2013,
180th NAT. Bordeaux against 16408 birds etc.
Other fanciers are also successful with her descendants winning good prizes, including the
1st National Narbonne Hens ZLU


My entire accomodation

In 2005 I came in contact with Jan Pol (Roobol) from the town of Zwijndrecht through a bird of his that I trapped. This Jan Pol had been very successful with his pigeons for years but only got global recognition in 2008 through his National and International win from Perpignan with his MARISKA. In the meantime we have built a good mutual friendship and since 2006 a certain amount of the Roobol pigeons are housed in my loft here in Waspik. On a regular basis we exchange pigeons and some joint breeding is done. For example at the moment 12 of the 18 old widowhood cocks in my racing loft are of Roobol origine.


Visiting Jan Pol (on the left), in the middle of the picture my good friend Dave Lurkins from New Addington in England, the fancier holding the pigeon is Dave Bullen (England) winner of the 1st International Pau 2011.

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