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Untill sunday at TopPigeons unique sale of

Written by Team TopPigeons - 1/11/2017

A. Saarloos & Son, Klaaswaal

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It was a tough season in 2016 but that was the same for everyone. Despite the decision to place the Crack 808 in the stock loft there were a number of newcomers who did fantastically well for themselves. Once again from the lines of D’n Arie, Son Witslag and Torero a 2nd National Ace Pigeon. All of them are related to the super couple Barcelona 5 x Daughter Apollo 905. This was “The Blue Dusk” this year’s topper who won good prizes and is a great addition to the very strong racing loft of Saarloos & Son. Last season as a yearling “The Blue Dusk” showed his colours from Agen winning a 386th National. This season he arrived on time from Pau winning a 291st National to follow it up from St-Vincent ZLU with the 1st in the marking station and a 12th National and 3 weeks later another 1st in the marking station and the 27th National Perpignan.

Despite the loss of the 2nd National Ace Pigeon ZLU 2015 the “Super 24” to the stock loft, this season brought another topper crowned 2nd National Ace Pigeon; “The Blue Dusk”.

This year in our auction on TopPigeons we have another batch of beautiful youngsters bred from prove ace pigeons. From a loft that houses a genuine strain of pigeons, originating from family breeding of Noel Peiren. The strain that has made Gerard Koopman the National Champion of the afternoon liberations, to name but one. This was mainly achieved with birds that for the greater part carried the Peiren bloodlines. 

After winning the prestigious title of “Keizer Long Distance ZLU” in 2013 and winner of the Europa Marathon 2014, then came the last and probably the finest titles of the 2014 season in the TopPigeons Marathon Fondspiegel: 

1st ZLU Ranking Category 3

1st TopPigeons Marathon Fondspiegel Ace Pigeon ZLU over 2 years
(NL11-1693808 “Crack 808”)

1st TopPigeons Marathon Fondspiegel Ace Pigeon ZLU over 3 years 
(NL07-1765573 “D’n Arie”)

1st TopPigeons Marathon Fondspiegel Ace Pigeons ZLU over 4 years
(NL07-1765573 “D’n Arie”)


The 2015 season turned out to be another successful season.

Winning the fantastic title:

1st TopPigeons Marathon Fondspiegel ZLU 3 years ranking. 

In 2016 there were even more titles:

2nd Ace Pigeon ZLU all races 2016
2nd Ace Pigeon Narbonne ZLU (4 years)
3rd Ace Pigeon Narbonne ZLU (4 years)
3rd W.E.S.M.
6th W.E.S.M. (8 nominated)
15th International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 3 years
16th International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 5 years

In this auction on TopPigeons you are being offered the chance to acquire children bred from these fantastic birds like: D’n Arie, Blue Dusk, Barcelona Hen 280, Son Perpignan, Young Magic is the daughter Magic Barcelona, Witpen Barcelona, Prins 215, Donkere Artiest and last but not least the Crack 808.

In FBZ 2016 

2nd Un-Nominated Champion
3rd Nominated Champion
2nd General Champion 
1st Marathon Champion
2nd Best Ace Pigeon 2016.

New references in 2016:

1st International Narbonne 18647 b. raced by Jan Nijssen from Haelen

1st National S1 Agen 7125 b. raced by D. Snoeren from Roosendaal

Last season the same pigeon won the 4th National Bordeaux S1 11728 b. 

References 2015

1st Federation 5 South-Holland Agen ZLU raced by Marien Orgers, Hekelingen

1st Federation Brabant 2000 Bordeaux raced by D. Snoeren, Roosendaal

1st Federation 5 South-Holland St-Vincent ZLU raced by A. v/h Hoofd, Pernis

1st Category 1 TopPigeons Marathon Fondspiegel won by Ron Krijgsman, Hoogblokland

Arie and Bert have built an impressive list of honours in recent years; 

1st Europa Marathon Champion 2014
1st Keizer Champion ZLU 2013
1st General Champion FBZ 2014
1st Un-nominated Champion FBZ 2014 & 2015 
1st Ace Pigeon North and South-Holland ZLU 2014
2nd Ace Pigeon ZLU 2015
3rd Keizer Champion ZLU 2015
4th Europa Cup 2014
5th Europa Cup 2015

The last few years a striking number of ace pigeons were born in the loft of A. Saarloos & Son. All of them originating from their own stock loft and bred from the strong strain Saarloos/Peiren

In 2016


In 2015


In 2014

In 2013

In 2010

A 100% gaurantee of the genders of the youngsters cannot be given
DNA Certificate is possible in consultation with, and at the expense of, the buyer. 

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