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Untill sunday at TopPigeons unique sale of

Written by Team TopPigeons - 1/11/2017

The Imperators of the Airspace ”Harry & Roger Wijnands”, Maastricht

Text Colla Alberts

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The older fanciers in particular will remember these words as they were pronounced by the late Piet de Weerd in the fifties when he talked about the Cattrijsse Brothers from Moere. Now many years later we can once against ‘borrow’ these words from the Master of that era but this time for their worthy successors “Father & Son, Harry & Roger Wijnands” from Maastricht.

The things that this partnership have performed in their lifetime as fanciers almost borders on Magic, so many National & International Triumphs, Top results from ALL (Inter)-National races, nobody that has demonstrated a force majeure for so many years like the Wijnands family. 

We still remember as it was yesterday when they created something historic in Dutch pigeon racing by clocking a bird late in the evening from Perpignan but on the same day of liberation…!!! 

Disbelief alongside Respect, Open mouthed and Applauding, it was and that still applies if we look at what the “Wijnands Pigeon” has performed in other lofts, a so unbelievable amount of fanciers who raced their pigeons at home and abroad added things to their list of honours that they previously never dared dream of. Succesful in 2015 were f.e.: Geert Schmitz Simpelveld, 2 yearlings from Agen 4679 p. 1 en 62 National. Int.Nat. 9043 p. 2 and 165. Roy Abels , Munstergeleen; 3 yearlings from  Narbonne International  7811 p. 11,56 and 443. The winner of prize 11 is direct from sister Triple A. In Spain mr.. Cadrecha  won 2nd.  National Acepigeon long distance wit a daughter out of Triple A. D.J.Martin , Waspik.wins with   Nl 14-1181683: 38 Nat.Perpignan and 47 Nat.St.Vincentwith a child from Nl 06-200 [ son Salinero]. Jan Polder, Middelharnis, wins with a yearling 12th.  Nat.Agen, 1st. yearling  North- and South Holland, 50% Wijnands

The “Witneus”, “Blauwe Vanoppen”, “Barça 727”, “Salinero”, “Triple A (AAA)”, “Gimondi”, “Olano”, “Annieke”, “Berke”, “Late Simpson”, “Marseille 325”, “Sister Red Simpson”, “Lady Gaga”, world stars well known to everyone often including their pedigrees and .. their outstanding performances.  Every fanciers wants to have descendants of these wonderful pigeons in their lofts because that means stepping up a few levels with their own results. After the total auction of the old birds several years ago one would normally expect them to fall away but that was not the case, no better yardstick than the knowledge that their pigeons are still performing in the 3rd generation and even the 5th or 6th generation are breeding genuine “Toppers”. 
This just proves the enormous breeding value that their pigeons possess. In most cases following an auction of the leading pigeons of any loft it turns out to be the beginning of a downward spiral, but that is not the case here in Maastricht. Their search for the ideal pigeon took a very long time, many trial pairings and almost as many disappointments until the ‘Blauwe Vanoppen’ made its entry along with several birds from the Saya Brothers and the pigeons of the Brouwers – Kodama Partners. By moulding all of these together they created a loft of amazing stature and developed into the what we described above as, the Imperators of the International Pigeon sport.

Who can submit such a list of honours as the Wijnands family, also has right to that honorary title where not just a crown but more fitting is a large laurel wreath to adorn their heads, Piet de Weerd made use of a Roman Chariot but even without that their “Kingdom is immeasurable”. Their birds are known and renowned on all 5 Continents, wherever one races with pigeons we will always find descendants of them in the first lines of many result lists, indeed and rightly so, named a ‘World Class Strain’. Who can, like in the case of the “Wijnands Pigeons”, produce shoe boxes full of acknowledgments from all corners of the world and can indeed say that they are performing at a “Champions League” level year in year out. They have stood on the highest podiums on hundreds of occasions and are National & Internationally Honoured after once again performing like many others only dream of unless …. they can obtain youngsters from their very best birds WITHOUT paying Astronomical amounts. This is an absolute unique chance for all of us to upgrade our own performances and in the coming years to change us from humble servants of our Imperators, to high level prize winners. As said and I cannot repeat it often enough, these youngsters have everything that brought Harry & Roger, Father & Son Wijnands to the TOP, we may, no MUST use every superlative that is available because if NOW is not the time then we simply have to ask ourselves “When will it be”…???!! Nobody will get a “ bad buy” in this auction even though we know that a 100% guarantee does not exist, yet I dare to state that EVERY youngster on offer will be well worth the money paid for it, those who have patience with these young toppers will be fully rewarded within a few years, in my opinion not one person will be disappointed. Thoroughbreds each and every one of them who in a few years will develop into the new ‘Grandfathers and Grandmothers’ of the loft, that sticks out like a sore thumb if you ask me.

I would like to wish the buyers “a good hand to help make the proper choice”, whichever one you choose, you are buying from a unique breeding stud, the loft that made history and in 2016 father and son Wijnands will again do battle with the world top following the 2016 season in which the recorded mouth watering results. Craftsmanship is Mastery, well now, you are at the right address to obtain some of this mastery for your own benefit via www.toppigeons.nlTop-Quality always leads to Top-Quality, study the pedigree of these pigeons and you will know exactly what I mean.

Draw from a legacy without precedent, this is....THE chance for EVERY fancier, Young or Old, rich or poor, we congratulate those NOW for belonging to the National & International elite within a few years due to youngsters bred from these birds just like they have done in Maastricht for so many years.  SUCCESS.


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