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Jan Grootoonk, the specialist of the North in the marathon races.

Written by Team TopPigeons - 1/7/2017

Jan Grootoonk, the specialist of the North in the marathon races.



Jan Grootoonk is a fancier of the extreme long distance races. He started racing pigeons from the afternoon liberations in 2004 and the last few years he has also participated in the International races with a small number of birds. And that went wonderfully well for him. Last season he won two absolute top prizes, the 3rd National Pau and the 28th National Marseille.

Jan is offering 15 young birds for auction who were bred from his best pigeons.


Lot 4 is something special. A youngster bred directly from the top pairing of Marnix x Celine. Marnix is a genuine Jellema bird, bred from the well-known lines of the Fondkoppel and Kiara, a daughter of Zwart Goud and the 02 Hen.

Celine descends from the source breeder of Appie Pas, a descendant of the old Aarden sort via Lazeroms. That source breeder was paired to a Cor de Heijde hen via Tiny van Herpen.

Children of this pairing won a 5th, 7th and a 12th National. A chance in a million.


Lot 1 is a daughter of the 3rd National Pau of last season. Miss Sophie was the bird who achieved this. She is a daughter of the Nygel x Desire. The Nygel himself was bred from the renowned pairing of Livay x Daisy.

The hen on offer was bred from the sire to the mother, or in other words the Nygel, who in this case was paired to his own daughter. A unique breeding product and a super pigeon.


Lot 3 is much of the same, one that we reckon is a one-off opportunity. This is also a daughter of Nygel and this time he was paired to Aimay, a sister of Celine. The youngster on offer here is a full sister of Miss Marseille, she won the 28th National Marseille in 2016.


As you can see, from the two top birds of 2016 and here are two youngsters being offered. That is what we are all looking for.


Top quality from crack performing pigeons.

Another exceptional offering on TopPigeons.


The best of luck in picking one out!!!!

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