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Harold Zwiers, the Marathon topper from Den Ham.

Written by Team TopPigeons - 1/7/2017

Harold Zwiers, the Marathon topper from Den Ham.


Harold has built a magnificent strain of pigeons for himself. In the past he was almost unbeatable from the afternoon liberations, nowadays he is also hard to equal in the races with a morning liberation. His birds have proved that they are well able for that disciple too.

His strain is a blend of the birds of Jan Theelen, Jelle Jellema, the ‘Morsie’ from Ben Alferink, etc. There are 21 youngsters on offer in this auction. And they are beauties. This auction consists of youngsters that were bred from all of his toppers.

To help you make a choice, let’s take a detailed look at some of the lot numbers.


Lot 1 is perhaps the absolute topper of this auction. A direct son of Rooie Japie, who has turned out to be a magnificent breeder. He was bred from the renowned 1336, who is a pure Theelen bird and the equally renowned Morsie of Ben Alferink.

The mother of this youngster is a direct Jellema pigeon. She is a daughter of two terrific birds raced by Jellema and on both halves of the pedigree an important part is taken by the Orion, who is probably the best descendant of the Zwart Goud currently in the loft of Jellema.

So here we have a top product that you could not go wrong with for your own stock loft.

And adding to that, just ask the Jellema family about the breeding qualities of the Rooie Japie and all you will hear is positive stories.


Lot 11 is also something exceptional. Once again, we see the 1336 playing an important role. The sire is a product of co-breeding of the Zwart Goud and the Kuif, who is a daughter of the 1336 * Morsie couple. A brother of the dam to lot 1, is now called New Hope 2.

Dam to this youngster is a pure Arjan Beens pigeon. She is a sister of Black Surprise and therefore a daughter of the renowned Marianne. That same Marianne is a sister of Miss Gijsje and Rood Meisje, all bred from the same mother; Rika. A magnificent breeding line that is performing well for numerous leading lofts. Top, top, top.


Lot 21 is also from a great pairing of Devon x Juna. Both the father and the mother are products of joint breeding with Jelle Jellema. The sire was bred from a son of Rooie Japie x Limoosje, paired to a Jellema daughter of Orion x Saffier. Brother and sister from Zwart Goud and the 02 Hen.

Dam to this youngster is from an inbred son of Zwart Goud and a daughter of Rooie Japie x Limoosje.


So if you are in search of something special, have another good look at lot 8. The best of two worlds in this bird and he is also a magnificent cock to handle.


Take another long look at this auction.


The best of luck in making a choice.

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