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Ramazan and Mevlut Tekin, another top loft from North Holland.

Written by Team TopPigeons - 1/7/2017

Ramazan and Mevlut Tekin, another top loft from North Holland.


For some years now an ambition of the Tekin family was to breed superior long distance pigeons, capable of winning early prizes at one of the longest race distances.  Last season their ambition paid dividends in those races. Perpignan 2016 was the perfect proof that their strategy was the right one for the Tekin family by winning 1st and 2nd International.

The most important pigeons who led to this success were the birds of Hugo Batenburg, Piet de Vogel and Jelle Jellema.


Which birds are in this auction?


Lots 3 and 4 do not really need any introduction. Mevlut paired the 1st and 2nd International to each other. Success guaranteed, one is inclined to say.

The sire to “Sultan” who won the 1st International is from a pairing of the Batenburg sort with the line of the Paarsborst. Perseverance paired to the power of the Witbuik line led to a 1st International. That sounds fairly logical.

The mother was bred from other lines, but also from the best for the extreme long distance. It’s here that we see the Betuwe Couple once again, but also the 629 of the Jacobs Brothers and the line of Ton Bollebakker.

Purchasing these two would mean that you can’t go wrong. It might cost a bit, but you will get value for your money.


Lots 1 and 2 is the very best of the Jellema Loft.

The sire descends from the pairing of Zwart Goud x Mette, the latter is also a grandchild of Zwart Goud.

The mother was bred from the Orion x Mirna. The Orion is a son of Zwart Goud and the Mirna was bred from the renowned pair of the Bergerac x Blauwe Dame.

Wat else do we need to say about them?

Pigeons from the top loft in the Netherlands, who were at the basis of everything that Jellema has achieved.


Lots 8, 9, 10 and 11 are also worth while viewing.  Beautiful birds that were bred for the Barcelona classic. The basis of these lot numbers are the birds of Luc Wiels, he is the breeder and racer of the New Laureaat who won the 1st International Barcelona in 2013 and is now owned by Hugo Batenburg. Mevlut went straight to the source to purchase birds and now he is offering you the chance to profit from that. Have another good look at these youngsters and make use of the opportunity.


Take a long hard look at all of them.


We wish you the best of luck in choosing one or more.

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