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Written by Team TopPigeons - 1/16/2017


Peet and Paloma Solleveld, for years at the top of the ZLU and NPO races

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If you have been looking for good pigeons for the overnight long distance races you have found the right address in ‘Het Westland’  and to be exactly in the village of Maasdijk. Here lives a cheerful fancier with lots of successes in the ZLU and NPO long distance races. His name is Peet Solleveld. Actually we should say Peet and Paloma Solleveld, for his daughter who has become a grown-up adult in the meantime  adds her share to the successful pigeon sport which is performed in this special part of The Netherlands famous for its many greenhouses and nurseries.

Peet makes his living In the glasshouse horticulture. He is quite busy all day in his profession as a controller of vegetables and fruit. In the meantime his pigeons are always on this mind, because Peet lives, breathes, eats, dreams and as a matter of speaking sleeps with his pigeons. All day long he is thinking about his pigeons. For instance: while he is dealing with a load of cucumbers he is thinking about his expected-to-be first arrival pigeon for the next long distance race. Amongst the paprikas a new pair of birds suddenly crosses his mind. 

At the end of his workday follows the highlight of the day namely the visit to his lofts. Each visit to his pigeons is like a party for Peet. Twice a day the lofts are lovingly cleaned. This can also be said about the training. No chore is too much for ‘his friends’ as Peet usually calls his pigeons. Especially the moment his feathered friends go ‘on their wings’ is a really special moment, which he cherishes time and again.

Peet, who is always straight forward, believes that his excellent report with his pigeons is being rewarded with good results. Pigeons are often motivated by the love of their boss instead of by their loft or partner and that is certainly the case on ‘Sol’s’ (nickname for Peet) lofts. This leads to excellent results. His already long career in the long distance races (morning and midday releases) is marked with highlights such as early arrivals and wonderful championships. In order not to lose the reader’s attention I will mention ’ just a few ‘ of the ‘pearls’ of the past nine seasons.


  • 1e NATIONAAL BORDEAUX bij de yearlings.
  • 2007 het ZLU kampioenschap behaald in de Afdeling 12 en in de fondclub
  • Keizergeneraal in het zeer sterke inkorfcentrum Maasdijk.
  • 3e Super Prestige bij de ZLU.


  • 1e Keizer ZLU
  • 1e Super Prestige ZLU
  • 1e Keizergeneraal Fondclub de Glazen Stad
  • 1e Keizergeneraal Afd 12
  • 1e Keizergeneraal NIC
  • 4e Nat. Barcelona
  • 30e – 49e Nat Narbonne


  • 1e West-Nederlandse-Marathon
  • 1e Keizer NPO vluchten Samenspel Noord-Zuid-Holland
  • 1e Super Prestige NPO SNZH
  • 1e Onaangetoond NPO SNZH
  • 1e Keizergeneraal Afd 12
  • 1e Keizergeneraal Fondclub de Glazen Stad
  • 1e Keizergeneraal NIC 1536
  • 1e Aangewezen NPO SNZH
  • 1e Onaangewezen NPO vluchten Afd 12
  • 1e Onaangewezen NPO vluchten Fondclub de Glazen Stad
  • 1e On-Aangewezen NIC 1536
  • 2e Aangetoond ZLU vluchten Afd 12
  • 2e Aangetoond ZLU vluchten Fondclub
  • 2e Aangetoond ZLU vluchten NIC 1536
  • 2e Onaangetoond NIC 1536
  • 3e Onaangetoond ZLU vluchten Afd 12
  • 5e Onaangetoond Fondclub
  • 3e Nationale Marathon ZLU
  • 7e Nationale Marathon 10 getekende ZLU
  • 10e Super Prestige ZLU
  • Kampioensduif Afd 12 ZLU vluchten
  • Kampioensduif NPO vluchten NIC
  • 2e en 9e Kampioensduif Fondclub ZLU
  • 2e Kampioensduif Fondclub NPO
  • 13e WESM
  • 3e best pigeon of the Netherlands about flights St Vincent, Tarbes, Montauban


  • 2e Beste duif W.H.Z.B. Z.L.U. NL07-1732047 de Top Secret zoon van de Nullen.
  • Bordeaux Oud 12e, 56e enz.
  • Marseille 13e, 34e enz.
  • Bordeaux 20e, 25e enz. 4e Aangetoond ZLU Afd 12
  • 5e Keizer Afd 12
  • 6e Aangetoond NPO NIC 1536
  • 6e Onaangetoond NPO NIC 1536
  • 8e Keizer ZLU SNZH
  • 9e Aangetoond ZLU Fondclub de Glazen Stad
  • 9e Onaangetoond ZLU Afd 12
  • 10e Onaagetoond ZLU Fondcl de Gl Stad
  • 11e Aangetoond ZLU SNZH
  • 16e Onaangetoond ZLU SNZH
  • 2e Beste ZLU duif WHZB NL07-1732047
  • 4e en 5e Kampioensduif ZLU Fondclub en Afd 12



·         A difficult year with a price percentage on the ZLU flights from  45% en 39 % op de NPO flights

·         1e Aangetoond ZLU vluchten N.I.C.

·         1e Aangetoond ZLU afd. 12

·         1e Aangetoond ZLU FC de Glazen Stad

·         1ste en 2e Kampioensduif afd. 12

·         1ste en 4e Kampioensduif FC de Glazen Stad

·         2e Onaangetoond ZLU vluchten N.I.C.

·         1e Kampioensduif is Jordan Staal NL08-1454136. Volle broer Blue Fire, zoon Red Chief N.I.C.

·         2e Kampioensduif is Inteelt Molenaar NL08-1454173 Halfbroer Misty Boy, zoon Roger N.I.C.

·         3e Onaagetoond ZLU afd. 12

·         3e Aangetoond ZLU S.N.Z.H.

·         3e Pyreeëncup S.N.Z.H.

·         4e Onaangetoond ZLU FC de Glazen Stad

·         4e Super Prestige S.N.Z.H.

·         4e Keizer Grote Fond Z.L.U.

·         4e Bony SGR Cup

·         5e Keizer S.N.Z.H.

·         5e Eerste 5 get La Colombe Joyeuse

·         9e Europabeker

·         10e Bony Omega 3 Cup

·         17e Super Prestige Z.L.U

·         20e Pyreneeencup Z.L.U.

·         32e Nat Marathon Z.L.U.


·         Albi  (NPO) 3e tegen 4809 duiven

·         ZLU 51% prijs, NPO 33%

·         1e Onaangetoond ZLU vluchten N.I.C.

·         1e Onaangetoond ZLU afd. 12

·         1e Onaangetoond ZLU FC de Glazen Stad

·         3e,5e,17e en 19e Kampioensduif afd. 12

·         3e,4e,16e en 20ste Kampioensduif FC de Glazen Stad

·         1e Aangetoond ZLU vluchten N.I.C.

·         2e Aangetoond ZLU afd. 12

·         1e Keizergeneraal afd 12

·         1e Keizergeneraal NIC

·         7e Aangetoond ZLU FC de Glazen Stad

·         4eOvernachtvluchten ZLUS.N.Z.H.

·         4e Keizer Grote Fond Z.L.U.

·         2e Bony SGR Cup

·         5e Keizer S.N.Z.H.

·         3e Eerste 5 get La Colombe Joyeuse

·         4e Eerste 2 get La Colombe Joyeuse

·         5e Bony Omega 3 Cup

·         11e Super Prestige Z.L.U

·         10e Pyreneeencup Z.L.U.

·         11eW.E.S.M. Z.L.U.

·         3e Internationaal Criterium Belgica de Weerd Award

·         15e 8 Get W.E.S.M.


·         ZLU 50% prijs, NPO (1 flight) 55%

·         Agen (old birds) 9e 6116 duiven

·         St. Vincent 22e 3294 duiven

·         2e Bony Cup

·         2e Asduif ZLU over 3 jaar St Vincent/Tarbes NL08-1454136 Jordan Staal

·         11e Asduif over 3 jaar Marseille Nl09-1105547 Zwarte Roger

·         3e Onaangetoond ZLU vluchten NIC

·         5e Onaangetoond Afd 12

·         7e Aangetoond Afd 12

·         10e Onaangetoond Fondclub de Glazen Stad

·         11e Aangetoond FdGS

Also in the youngest season proved the pigeons of Peet and Paloma yet again their class with a great price percentage on the ZLU flights. 


·         Prijspercentage ZLU vluchten 54% prijs

·         Barcelona Int 9 vd 10

·         Perpignan Int 8 vd 10

·         Pau 13e tegen 3020 duiven

·         Cahors (NPO) 9e tegen 7630 duiven (57% prijs)

·         1e Nederlander beker van Vlaanderen op Barcelona!!!!!!

·         1e Keizer NIC 1536

·         1e Aangetoond ZLU NIC

·         2e Bony Cup SGR

·         2e Onaangetoond ZLU NIC

·         1e Keizerkampioen NIC

·         2e Onaangetoond ZLU Afd 12

·         2e Aangetoond ZLU Afd 12

·         7e Super Prestige ZLU

·         12e Keizer ZLU

·         14e Pyreneeencup ZLU

·         11e Onaangetoond SNZH 1 vlucht aftrek 6vd 7

·         12e Aangetoond SNZH 1 vlucht aftrek ,, ,,

·         11e Keizer SNZH 1 vlucht aftrek ,, ,,

·         Europabeker Pau/Barcelona/St Vincent/Marseille/Perpignan

·         1e Get 16e

·         2 eerste getekende 8e

·         5 eerst getekende 5e

·         Generaal 5e

·         3e Europa Marathon

·         14e 8 getekende WESM

·         49e WESM

·         1e Asduif over 4 jaar St.Vincent/Tarbes met Jordan Staal NL08-1454136

·         4e Asduif over 4 jaar Marseille met de Zwarte Roger NL09-1105547

·         11e Asduif over 3 jaar Agen met de Knudsen Bird NL10-1603549

·         22e Asduif over 4 jaar Barcelona met de Rode Martin NL08-1114244


·         2015

·                     Prijspercentage ZLU  45%

·                     1e Onaangetoond ZLU NIC

·                     2e Onaangetoond ZLU Afd 12

·                     6e Onaangetoond ZLU Fondclub de Glazen Stad

·                     2e Aangetoond ZLU NIC

·                     5e Onaangetoond ZLU Afd 12

·                     2e Int Asduif over 5 jaar met de Zwarte Roger NL09-1105547

·                     5e Asduif St.Vincent/Tarbes over 4 jaar met Jordan Staal NL08-1454136


Floris won the most points for the championship 1st. Westeuropean Super Marathon


        1e West Europese Super Marathon

2e 8 getekende West Europese Super Marathon

7e Europa Beker (1e Nederlander)

1e Aangetoond ZLU Cup SNZH

1e Keizer ZLU Cup SNZH

1e Aangetoond ZLU Fondclub de Glazen Stad

1e Aangetoond ZLU NIC 1536

1e Onaangetoond ZLU NIC 1536

1e Kampioensduif ZLU Fondclub de Glazen Stad NL13-1162834

3e Onaangetoond ZLU Fondclub de Glazen Stad

3e Onaangetoond ZLU Cup SNZH

4e Keizer ZLU SNZH

4e Kampioensduif ZLU SNZH

4e Kampioensduif ZLU Afd 5

5e Aangetoond ZLU SNZH

7e Onaangewezen ZLU Afd 5

7e Aangetoond Keizer ZLU Afd 5

7e Int Ace Pigeon (NL) Pipa ranking NL13-1162834

10e Onaangetoond ZLU SNZH

10e Bony Omega 3 Cup

15e Bony SGR Cup

14e Asduif over 3 jaar ST Vincent ZLU NL11-1661598

15e Pyreneeën Cup ZLU

1e Aangewezen ZLU Kring Westland

2e Onaangewezen Kring Westland

1e,3e,5e en 9e Kampioensduif Kring Westland ZLU



The attentive reader has been able to notice that father and daughter have been focusing on the ZLU international long distance races, which means that the birds are released early in the morning (usually around 07.00 o’clock a.m.) Only the yearlings do one or two races of the midday long distance races. Birds are usually released between 12.00 and 14.00 p.m.) The yearlings do these races as a learning experience. They do really well in these races, considering the many early arrivals.


The pigeons

The birds which occupy Peet and Paloma’s lofts descend from the very first long distance birds that Peet acquired from the great champion from the nineteen-eighties Wim Peeman from Middelharnis. In those days Peet visited the loft of this well-known long distance fancier. Peet noticed the really bad hygiene on Mr Peeman’s loft and thought that if his pigeons were able to achieve such great results while living under such bad circumstances, they had to be outstanding birds! Peet was not mistaken, because descendants from Rode Willem (Red William) are still among his birds.


Naturally 55-year-old Peet acquired many pigeons over the years from various sources. He acquired with his way-too-early deceased companion John van Holstein pigeons from Hein Brasse from Vaesrade and sometime later they acquired pigeons from the Barcelona specialist Roger Florizoone from Nieuwpoort (Belgium). These pigeons turned out to be extremely important and left their mark on the colony. They achieved many successes.

In a more recent past pigeons came from many long distance fancier friends to Maasdijk. When you are such a strong player as Peet is, it is just a little easier to become the good pigeons. (Braakhuis, Pronk, Eyerkamp, van Coppenolle, Kouters and probably a few others I might have forgotten, because this pleasant easy-speaking fancier talks ‘a mile a minute’ and it is not easy as a reporter to keep up with all the information)

The most well-known bird on Peet and Paloma’s loft at the moment is Jordan Staal * NL2008-1454136 *. This beautiful blue cock is a true representative of the kind of pigeons on the lofts in Maasdijk. On father’s side are the bloodlines of the Peeman pigeons paired to a topbreeder from Hein Brasse. On mother’s side are the ‘golden’ bloodlines of the Florizoone pigeons unmistakably  noticeable. This cock has already been a gladiator from the start of his overnight long distance races. Several early arrivals and in particular the excellent rankings on the St. Vincent races brought him the beautiful title of the 1st Ace pigeon over 4 years St. Vincent/Tarbes. This cock can now enjoy his well-earned rest in the breeding loft!

The system

On the lofts in Maasdijk the classic widow- system is being used. Not with large numbers by the way, but with 36 widowers, which are divided over 4 sections. These are all at least 2-year-old birds. In their first year the yearlings are all played unpaired (they are single so to speak) During their first year they have to prove themselves in order to gain a spot in the real loft of the widowers. The yearlings are entered into two NPO-races (overnight races with midday releases) after their training in the regular short and medium long distance races (up to 700 km with early morning release).

The feeding system is that which is advised by the Beyers company (food supplier). Peet has good contacts with this company and is always one of the hosts at the tradeshows. It is important to feed the birds the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids, according to Peet. Peet had already quite a vast knowledge of how to feed the birds, but after his conversations with Patrick de Muylder from the Beyers company, the feeding system was even more defined. Whoever would like to know more about Peet’s feeding system can find detailed information on his website


I didn’t know Peet Solleveld yet before writing this article. Of course I had read about his results, but I had never become acquainted. That’s really a pity because Peet is a great guy who is straightforward and speaks up his mind. At the same time he is someone with the heart at the right place and as far as I am concerned it is an excellent source to acquire pigeons. I would like to close with the sentence which is so typical for Peet (and his daughter Paloma as well as his wife Natasja): 

Pigeons are our passion!


Michel Beekman  Aalsmeer

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