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Written by Team TopPigeons - 1/20/2017
Frans Sliedregt from the village of Langeweg is taking a step back.

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Frans is already 79 years old. His health is not an issue but his age is starting to play a bigger role in caring for the pigeons. That is the reason that he has decided to say farewell to a fair amount of his pigeons. He will continue racing with the birds bred in 2015 and 2016 and about 5 old birds that he could never get rid of because of their emotional value to him. After getting rid of about 20 birds that had no future in his loft, he was left with 33 old birds who are now to be auctioned off. Each of them are birds that proved they can perform, or one that Frans expects to be of enormous value in the stock loft of a future owner. All of them descend from the noble lines that helped Frans to the highest podiums and brought him the Barcelona successes.


Frans has been one of the leading fanciers in the marathon sport for years and in 2015 he won the title of 2nd Keizer of the ZLU and with 5 birds sent to Barcelona he won the 11th and 12th National and the 20th and 21st International with all five of them in the prizes. Nobody performed better.

Barcelona is for Frans the main race of the season and during the last 12 years he sent a total of 58 birds to Barcelona and won no less than 35 prizes, that means a prize percentage of 60 %. Not many lofts could equal that.


Here a short summary of the results from Barcelona over the last 4 years:

Year      Sent                      number of prizes            scored National prizes

2016      6                             3                                             91st, 658th, 688th

2015      5                             5                                             11th, 12th, 320th, 895th, 1109th

2014      5                             3                                             205th, 530th, 759th

2013      5                             3                                             8th, 919th, 927th

The fact that these birds of Frans are in their element in tough conditions is proved in the tough Barcelona editions of 2013, 2015 and 2016. Alongside all of this he had the 1st Ace Pigeon in 2014 of the strong long distance F.B.Z. club. In the dramatic Barcelona edition of 2016 many god lofts lost some of their beast pigeons and Frans Sliedregt was no exception. Two of his leading Barcelona cracks were lost. But the leading lofts always seem to have another bird ready to take the baton and that was no different for Frans. The centrepieces of this auction are most certainly that ace pigeon and of course the Barcelona 2, winner of the 12th Nat. Barcelona 2015.

2nd. National Acepigeon 2014


The ‘Goede Vale’ from 1996 played an important part in the strain of Frans. He is the grandsire to both the 11th and the 12th National Barcelona of last season. He won numerous prizes himself, proved to be a fabulous breeder and he originates from the strains of: Chr. van der Velden & Son x Harm Vredeveld.

In this small strain of Frans we also see many birds descending from Anton & Geert Kouters of the town of Noordhoek and also the birds of Anton & Lucy v/d Wegen from Steenbergen. 

In this auction, there are birds being offered from the most noble long distance bloodlines that will offer you the opportunity to excel from the classic marathon races.

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