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Written by Team TopPigeons - 2/15/2017

Paul & Sven Saeytijdt – Brakel (Belgium):

“Best Fanciers Europa Marathon 2012 – 2016”

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Two fanciers working extremely hard at what they do well, are father Paul and son Sven Saeytijdt from the Belgian town of Brakel. Once upon a time they raced the sprint and middle distance but in the middle of the nineties of the last century they switched to the extreme distance races, or better said the International races with a morning liberation. That does not mean that they never participate in the other Belgian races with a morning liberation but the emphasis definitely lies on the races where they can compete against International rivals. The classic races with prestigious names like Pau, Bordeaux, St. Vincent, Narbonne, Marseille, Perpignan and of course the biggest classic from Barcelona.

Paul (r) en Sven Saeytijdt: “Beste Liefhebbers Europa Marathon 2012 – 2016”

Not ordinary

That applies to the birds that are housed in the lofts in Brakel. In the early years, good performances were noted by birds originating from Van Schoorisse Brothers, De Springer, Joël De Smet and Adrien de Munter, but it was not enough for the passionate Paul and Sven. The bar needed to be raised to a higher level. They went in search of a formidable strengthening of the basis and that led them to the Belgian masters Luc van Coppenolle, Georges Carteus, Denis Druwez, Marc & Franky van de Walle and the Dutch partnership of Batenburg – van de Merwe and not to forget the winners of the West European Super Marathon 2016, Peet & Paloma Solleveld. 

These birds were used to build a tough strain that has already brought many successes for them. 

Since the 2006 season they are regularly among the champions at the highest level both National and International.

A summary of the most important ones:
2006:     2nd Overall Champion Cureghem Centre
                2nd Long Distance Champion Cureghem Centre
                3rd Champion Hens Cureghem Centre
2007:     1st Champion Extreme LD Belgian ‘Verstandhouding’.
                1st Six-days Belgian ‘Verstandhouding’ with team mate Luc van Coppenolle
                2nd Long Distance Champion Cureghem Centre
                4th National Champion KBDB Long Distance
2009:       1st Europa Cup with “Recht & Plicht”, Zottegem
2010:       1st Jan Breydel Marathon 
                2nd International Champion WSC Stolberg (Ger.)
                4th Champion International races International LD Club
                4th International Bony Cup LD Club Midden - Limburg
                5th A.J.D.
                10th Barcelona Masters
                11th Europa Marathon ArGe Euskirchen
                11th National Super Prestige
                14th West European Super Marathon
2011:       1st National Team Pursuit Barcelona - Perpignan with team mate Etienne Rasschaert
                3rd Barcelona Masters Teams with Henri Vanneste
                4th National Marathon
                6th Four-Days Zwalm Valley LD
                8th Catalans Super Cup 2009 - 2011          
                8th National Super Prestige
                12th Jan Breydel Marathon
2012:       Winner “Silver Wing” Barcelona
                1st International Ace Pigeon Barcelona – Perpignan (“Blauwe Barcelona 717”) IFC 4000
                1st International Champion Hens IFC 4000
                1st Individual Ranking Europa Cup Barcelona IFC 4000
                1st International Bony SGR Cup LD Club Midden – Limburg
                1st International Bony Omega 3 Cup LD Club Midden – Limburg
                2nd West European Super Marathon
                3rd Europa Marathon ArGe Euskirchen
                4th International Champion 1st and 2nd Nominated IFC 4000
                6th National Champion 1st and 2nd Nominated
                10th International Ace Pigeon 3 races IFC 4000
2013:       1st International Bony SGR Cup LD Club Midden – Limburg
                2nd Europa Marathon ArGe Euskirchen
                2nd International Omega 3 Cup LD Club Midden – Limburg
2014:       3rd Champion 1st Nominated Europa Cup Colombe Joyeuse
                3rd National Champion 1st and 2nd Nominated
                3rd National Champion 10 Nominated IFC 4000
                4th International Ace Pigeon Barcelona – Perpignan IFC 4000
                7th Ace Pigeon National IFC 4000
                9th Europa Marathon ArGe Euskrichen
                9th Catalans Super Cup 2012 - 2014
                10th Europa Cup
2015:       3rd Europa Marathon ArGe Euskirchen
                3rd International Bony Omega 3 Cup LD Club Midden – Limburg
                4th Internationale Asduif Barcelona – Perpignan IFC 4000
2016:       2nd International Bony SGR Cup LD Club Midden – Limburg
                3rd Europa Marathon ArGe Euskirchen
                4th Europa-Beker Colombe Joyeuse
                5th Champion 1st Nominated Europa Cup Colombe Joyeuse
                3rd Champion 5 Nominated Europa Cup Colombe Joyeuse


This article has the title “Paul & Sven Saeytijdt – Brakel (B): Belgian toppers in Europa”, but it could just as easily have been the title “Paul & Sven Saeytijdt – Brakel (B): Best Fanciers Europa Marathon 2012 – 2016”.

From the summary of championships, it is obvious that do not fear International rivalry and they enter all of the International championship competitions. To avoid underestimating their super performances I will stick to the achievements in the Europa Marathon. A free open competition organised by ArGe Euskirchen in which is participated by all the major champions of West European long distance pigeon racing. 

The achievements of Paul and Sven Saeytijdt in the last 5 years:

2012:     3rd Europa Marathon ArGe Euskirchen
2013:     2nd Europa Marathon ArGe Euskirchen
2014:     9th Europa Marathon ArGe Euskrichen
2015:     3rd Europa Marathon ArGe Euskirchen
2016:     3rd Europa Marathon ArGe Euskirchen

Due to this they are the “Best Fancier Europa Marathon 2012 – 2016”. Never before was a fancier successful for 5 years in a row in such a superior fashion like this in this prestigious International competition.

This unique achievement once again displays the strength of the Saeytijdt loft. They own a stock loft that can keep developing for years regarding the quality it holds and every year it is strengthened further. Expansion that comes mainly from their own loft because only the super performers are kept and their brilliant racing qualities are passed on to the descendants they breed.

At the basis of the numerous top performances and championships are birds who excelled in their active racing career in the lofts in Brakel and despite the many transfer possibilities were never sold.

Super Breeding Couple

In the many top season that this partnership has enjoyed, the 2012 season has to be placed in the category ‘excellent’.
From Perpignan it was their ‘Asgrauwe Libourne’ B08-4245072 who put the icing on the cake by winning the 4th National and International Perpignan. This ‘Asgrouwe Libourne’ had previously won a 12th National Libourne 8.723 b., 170th National Narbonne 6.330 b., 237th Int. Narbonne, 272nd Nat. Montauban 9.093 b. and the 294th Nat. Montauban 6.822 b. The ‘Asgrauwe Libourne’ is a son of the grandfather of the loft named ‘Kleine Zwarte’ who in his active racing career was responsible for a 15th Nat. Narbonne 9.634 b., 31st Int. Narbonne 15.087 b., 45th Nat. Béziers 6.602 b., 195th Nat. Orange 6.751 b. and the ‘Kleine Zwarten’ won 15th Int. Narbonne 9.634 b., 31st Int. Perpignan 15.087 b., 45th Int. Béziers 6.602 b. and is a son of the ‘Geschelpte van Schoorisse’ paired to the ‘Asgrauwe van Belle’, origin Georges Carteus and the grandmother of the Saeytijdt loft.
Dam to the ‘Asgrauwe Libourne’ is the ‘Blauwe Witpen116’, a half-sister of the ‘Vale Cahors – sire to ‘Mr. Bergerac’ x ‘Vaaltje 058’; the ‘Vale Cahors’ won 40th Nat. Cahors 9.275 b., 76th Nat. Perpignan 5.547 b. 

In the second place there is the ‘Pauduivin’ B08-4245011 who won 2nd Nat. Pau 2.183 b. and 3rd Int. Pau 8.170 b.. The ‘Pauduivin’ is a 100% van Coppenolle-product bred from the ‘Vaal Witpen Luc’ (from ‘Son Perpignan’ x ‘Lang Blauw’) paired to the ‘Vaal Elfpender Perpignan’ (from ‘Roden Perpignan’ x ‘Blauw van Coppenolle’).

The ‘Asgrauwe Libourne’ forms along with the ‘Pauduivin’ a stock pair that breeds one topper after another and their breeding results will most likely lead to even better toppers. Have a look:

v  Parents of the ‘Geschelpte Libourne-Pau 971’ B10-4235971

§  Sire to ‘Geschelpt Libourneke’ B14-4226049: 1st National Zone B Libourne 2.951 b.

§  Sire to ‘Bordeaux-Hen B12-4236019: 1st Vierzon 191 b., 1st Bordeaux 122 b.

v  Parents of the ‘Geschelpte Libourne-Pau 972’ B10-4235972

§  Sire to ‘Blauwe Brive’ B13-4191463: 73rd National Brive

§  Sire to ‘Zwarte 034’ B12-4236034: wonderful racer, 4x top 100 National Extreme LD

§  Sire to ‘Blauw Narbonneke’ B14-4226064: 83rd National Narbonne

§  Sire to ‘Zwarte Witpen’ B12-4236113: dam 1st La Souterraine, 2nd La Souterraine, 2nd Souppes etc.

v  Sire to ‘Lady Libourne’ B13-4191471

§  Mother ‘Mister Bergerac’ B15-4008057: 1st Club Bergerac, 24th Interprovincial

§  Mother ‘Vaaltje 058’ B15-4008058: 1st Club Montelimar

v  Sire ‘Half-brother Barcelona’ B15-4008052: 3rd Club Brive

v  Mother ‘Blauwe 747’ B16-4147747: 7th Bourges 593 b., 6th Argenton 118 b.

v  Mother ‘Vale Narbonne’ B12-4239130: 70th National Narbonne

v  Mother ‘Klein Blauwke’ B12-4236129: 4th International Ace Pigeon IFC 4000 2015

This is just a small summary in which needs to be said too, that a sister of the ‘Pau-Hen’ is also known to be the dam to the 2nd and 3rdbird from Barcelona 2016. In short this is a family of phenomenal long distance racing pigeons. But in Brakel they will not bet all of their money on one horse.

In the meantime, the stock pair of ‘Roden Barcelona 964’ from Druwez paired to the ‘Granddaughter Paco’ C. van der Velden & Son are responsible for a new crack racer. The ‘Vale Barcelona’ B14-4226044 has in her young career achieved the following performances: 33rd Nat. Barcelona 7.693 b. 2016, 42nd Int. Barcelona 5.538 hens 2016, 42nd Int. Perpignan 2.915 hens 2016, 88thNat. Narbonne 3.345 b. 2015 as yearling, 89th Int. Barcelona 17.729 b. 2016, 111th Nat. Perpignan 4.191 b. 2016.
A 100% record in her first 3 races more than 800 km. Try to equal that! The performances in 2016 earned her the 13th National Ace Pigeon Extreme LD KBDB.

Toppers of the auction in the picture:

Below are a number of photos of the toppers of the lofts of Paul & Sven Saeytijdt. Toppers at breeding but also toppers at the front of the (Inter)National results from the extreme long distance.

In the first place the superior stock pair “Asgrauwe Libourne” x “Pauduivin”.

Children of this wonderful couple in lots 8 and 12

Furthermore children of the “Asgrauwen Libourne” in lot 1 (with the “Libourneke”), lots 9 and 14 (with the “Blauwe Solleveld”)


Children of the superior “Libourneke” are to be found in lot 1 (with the top breeder “Asgrauwen Libourne”) and lot 5

Grandchildren of “Blauwe Barcelona 717” in lots 4, 5 and 10.

A magnificent Mealy cock bred from the “Vale Barcelona” in lot 2

A beautiful blue cock from the “Lady Libourne” (with “Valen Cahors 620”) in lot 7 

Children of the “Valen Cahors 620” in lot 7 (with “Libourneke”) and lot 10 (with “Favoriete Pau”)

This auction offers you an amazing opportunity to strengthen your own loft with birds who can stand up to the absolute International top!!


Auction guidance: Hans Bodelier - Echt

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