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Written by Team TopPigeons - 2/21/2017

Klaas Buwalda, Sint Jacobiparochie
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In this auction, there are eleven carefully selected youngsters who were bred from the best birds of Klaas. Not all the genders can be fully guaranteed due to the young age of most of the young birds. The young birds have all been vaccinated for the paramyxovirus.

In a short space of time this long-distance loft has recorded magnificent performances. When you read the achievements below and keep in mind that only twenty races have been participated in since 2013, then you realize what has been achieved in this short space of time. In 2013 Klaas began with twenty yearlings from Ruffec and straight away he clocked 12 of them in the prizes. His second race was from Orange recording a Teletext position with a yearling. It was also the second yearling in Sector 4 (Dirk). In the opening race from Limoges van 2014 Klaas sent 15 remaining 2-year olds and he won a 1st in the marking station and a 20th Provincial (Hodor). After that came the success year of 2015 with teletext positions won by Famke Maria and of course Klaas finished up among possible championship in every competition. In 2016 other teletext positions followed (Erica, once again Famke Maria and Johan) and of course the 1st National Sector 3 + 4 from Orange morning liberation. At almost the longest race distance with a strong Northerly wind, not easy to do. It is from these crack pigeons that Klaas is offering a select group of 2016 bred youngsters. Try to benefit from it!!

Teletext positions

1st National S.3 + S.4 Orange 2016 (entire convoy)

1st NPO Orange 2016

4th NPO Cahors 2015

5th Nat. Cahors 2015

7th NPO Limoges 2016

8th NPO Perigueux 2016

9th Nat. Perigueux 2016

10th NPO Orange 2013


Alongside many top National positions (Sector 4)

1st Nat. Orange

2nd Nat. Orange Yearlings

5th Nat. Cahors

9th Nat. Perigueux

14th Nat. Limoges

16th Nat. Bergerac

20th Nat. Orange

32nd Nat. Limoges

33rd Nat. Cahors

35th Nat. Cahors

35th Nat. Orange

38th Nat. Orange

69th Nat. Bergerac

71st Nat. Cahors

71st Nat. Limoges

78th Nat. Cahors

92nd Nat. St. Vincent

98th Nat. Aurillac

99th Nat. Bergerac


Top Provincial positions

1st NPO Orange

4th NPO Cahors

7th NPO Limoges

8th NPO Perigueux

10th NPO Orange

14th NPO Bergerac

20th NPO Limoges

24th NPO Bergerac

24th NPO Cahors

25th NPO Limoges

26th NPO Orange

26th NPO Cahors

29th NPO Orange

30th NPO Cahors

31st NPO Limoges

40th NPO Limoges

41st NPO Bergerac

43rd NPO Limoges

57th NPO Cahors

70th NPO Albi

72nd NPO Cahors

78th NPO Orange

86th NPO Aurillac

92nd NPO St. Vincent

93rd NPO Orange

98th NPO Aurillac

100th NPO St. Vincent


In 2015 he was crowned 1st Un-nominated Champion of the Frisian LD Club. And in the combine the Keizer Championship was won. In the Federation, it was a 3rd Un-nominated and in Sector 4 it was a 5th Un-nominated.

In 2016 Klaas was against to be found among the champions. He was crowned Keizer of the NIC, 2nd Keizer in the Combine and so on.

In 2011 Klaas purchased fifteen late bred youngsters of the strains of Jan Ernest and Sjaak Buwalda. These were young birds from the best lines of Jan Ernest and Sjaak Buwalda. For example, from the best Dax pigeon over a period of five years of Jan Ernest. A 100% son of this bird has bred numerous top 100 National Sector 4 positions for Klaas. These birds were obtained from the Partners Rekker/Westra. They were the winners of Ruffec 2014 and Bergerac 2014 with their bird named “Roos”.

After that when Klaas came into contact with the Jelle Jellema and the Jelle Outhuyse birds it all went to another level. The Jellema birds were acquired via Allard Dijkstra and the Jelle Outhuyse birds came directly from Jelle himself. Crossbreeding these sorts to his Jan Ernest and Sjaak Buwalda lines lead to the fireworks of the last two seasons.

Since 2014 several other try-outs have been introduced from the best of the best. He acquired several birds from First Prize Pigeons. Among them, a 100% daughter of the Jan of Arjan Beens x inbred Super van Geel of the Limburg Bros. Along with that, several Piet de Weerd birds in combination with the Jellema and Ernest birds are looking very promising. Two children from the 7th Nat. St. Vincent and sire to the 1st and 2nd National Ace Pigeon 2014 were acquired from Auke Heidstra.


An introduction:

A good example of crossbreeding of the Jellema birds of Klaas to the sort of Piet de Weerd is the “Johan”. This topper was born in 2014 and was only raced in the Autumn to a distance of 250 kilometres. As a yearling, he was sent to his first overnight race to show what he was capable of from Aurillac 2015. Straight away he was the first arrival of Klaas and won an 86th NPO and a 163rd National from this tough race. As a two-year-old he was sent to the opening race of the season, namely Limoges. He won a 117th prize in Sector 4 and from Perigueux he arrived late in the evening at 22;)) PM to win a 335th Nat. Sector 4. After that the “Johan” was sent to Orange morning liberation with a race distance of 1018 kilometre with a strong Northerly wind. He was the fastest from this race and was victorious in the entire liberation of Sector 3 + Sector 4 against 4.836 birds. A phenomenal performance!! From the ‘Johan’ he placed three youngsters in the auction as a one off, of which lot 1 2016-1024140. This beautiful youngster who already has a magnificent eye was bred from Johan x Famke Maria. Lot 4 2016-1024123 and lot 5 2016-1024124 are the other two youngsters bred from Johan x daughter Dirk.


Lot 1 2016-1024140, lot 2 2016-1024121 and lot 3 2016-1024159 are the three youngsters that I am offering from the phenomenal Famke Maria. She won two teletext positions in a row (her last race in 2015 and her first race in 2016). These Teletext positions were won from the extremely tough races from Cahors 2015 and Perigueux 2016. She also won a 43rd NPO Limoges, 69th Limoges Sector 4 and 71st Nat. Sector 4 Cahors in another extremely tough edition. Lot 1 is a crossbreeding product between Famke Maria and Johan and lots 2 and 3 are from crossbreeding Famke Maria and the Super ’63.

The Dirk is a bird that Klaas acquired directly from Allard Dijkstra and was bred from his Jelle Jellema lines x Jelle Outhuyse. This cock won as a yearling a 2nd Nat. Sector 4 Yearlings and a 10th Provincial from an extremely tough edition in 2013. He is also sire to the magnificent “Aisha”, she won many top 100 positions and is dam to the following topper named ‘Erica’. In her short career (5 races) “Erica” won a Teletext position along with a 24th and 72nd Provincial. Klaas also has the “Pirate” who was bred from “Aisha” and these are the only two youngsters from her so far. The “Pirate” was raced three times from the Overnight races in 2016 and he won three prizes. He was sent to St. Vincent as a two-year-old and won a prize. Lot 6 2016-1024146 and lot 7 2016-1024180 are two youngsters bred from inbred “Aisha” (Aisha x The Pirate) and are highly recommended.



Lot 8 and lot 9 – 2016 1024131 and 2016-1024132 are magnificent birds to handle and are two half-brothers of ‘Johan’ winner of the 1st National Orange of this season. Dam to the young birds is a half-sister of the 1st and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon 2014 raced by Auke Heidstra and a daughter of the 7th Nat. Sint Vincent x ‘Borstbeen’, Jelle Jellema.


The final two youngsters of the auction have top pedigrees. What do you think about a daughter of the ‘Jan’ of Arjan Beens x from daughter ‘Jan’ x son ‘Jander’? A genuine 1st National pedigree. Lot 10 2016-1024144 and lot 11 2016-1024145.

These lines bred a:

1st National Perpignan, Arjan Beens

1st International Pau 2015

The Jan himself won a 1st NPO Brive and the Jander won the 1st National Dax

Here below are photos of these two top pigeons who are in my loft.

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