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Fondsnippers May 10th 2017

Written by Piet de Vogel - 5/11/2017

Fondsnippers May 10th 2017

By Piet de Vogel, a passionate long distance fancier

About TopPigeons

A quiet period for TopPigeons.

It is quiet now regarding auctions on TopPigeons. There is a good reason for that. We decided to hold our auctions in the traditional auction season between September and March. We do have an exception for the period of May/June where we make room for a few small exclusive auctions of youngsters bred from toppers. In our opinion it is not good to overload the market and to ensure that QUALITY is always the first objective. During the auction season, we have a great collection of TOP QUALITY that has our 100% backing. Offered directly from proven leading lofts. And that should be enough. The market appreciates that through the magnificent average prices we create and is made clear by the numerous references we receive every year.

For and by fanciers

Most of the team members are busy racing their own birds now and as you all know, TopPigeons is for fanciers and ran by fanciers. All team members are well-known and respected fanciers. We treasure the fact that everyone within our team knows what it is all about.

Top auction of young birds from Mevlut and Ramazan Tekin and a magnificent offering from Piet de Vogel

A select batch of youngsters bred from the best of Mevlut and Ramazan Tekin from Medemblik are soon to be auctioned. The fanciers that finished the 2016 season in an unbelievable fashion by winning 1st and 2nd International Perpignan! To mark the launch of my own website a select group of exceptional youngsters will be offered from several of my top pairs.

Behind the scenes preparations are being made for the new auction season and the implementation of some improvements in the formula. This is necessary in order to maintain and further strengthen our prominent position of the long-distance birds in this highly competitive market.

Coming soon, articles on TopPigeons.

TopPigeons is not a news site, but from next week onwards we will once again be placing articles on the website about the rankings of the 2017 Fondspiegel competition. To get you into the right mood for the new season. Later on the NIC’S, Long Distance clubs, ZLU can send us their articles on their race winners! 

In the next Fondsnippers, more about my own lofts and the testing of some new top pairings!

The best of luck!

For fanciers from Top-fanciers!
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