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6-4-2017 17:00 hrs! End of unique sale of

Written by Team TopPigeons - 5/30/2017

The Golden Breeding Loft


1st & 2nd International Perpignan 2016

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The partnership of uncle (Ramazan) and nephew (Mevlut) has been going on since anno 1998. Before that uncle Ramazan had pigeons since he was a 12-year-old boy. His first pigeon was a gift from his oldest brother Durmus (father of Mevlut). At first a pigeon, then a pair to be followed by youngsters and it became a cosy hobby in the eyes of the Tekin family. After a short break of 3 years a new begin was made and a switch to the overnight long distance races. Uncle Ramazan looks after the stock birds and Mevlut does the racing pigeons, because his uncle still works and Mevlut had more time to train and send the birds. The partnership continued to participate in the big races using the name of nephew. 

The chores were evenly shared between the team of uncle and nephew. This is the fourth season since their new start. After a lot of study into the best current long distance lines we decided to approach the best fanciers in the Netherlands to acquire birds in an effort of building a very distinctive strain for the toughest races. These were: Hugo Batenburg van de Merve, Piet de Vogel, Jan Polder, Jan Roelofs, Jelle Jellema, Ko van Dommelen, the Hagens Bros, Verwij & de Haan Partners, Nico Volkens, Sam de Jong, Gerrit Veerman and the latest acquisitions were from Luc Wiels and Henk van der Wielen with whom we swapped birds. Our idea is to crossbreed these lines to each other and to create our own strain. 


Perpignan 2016 was a normal race and nothing unusual compared to the previous ZLU races. But here and there, some losses were reported by many fanciers, painful losses too, but no more than in the previous races in the words of some top fanciers. That we emerged as winners of this race was a massive surprise, even though we did very well this season from Agen ZLU. Our second ZLU-race of 2016 turned out to be an enormous success. We got the victory in the Fondunie 2000, but also in the National Open ZLU race and even in the International race. We also won the 2nd prize in all three of these races. Winning an International race is a dream, but a 1st and 2nd prize is unreal, although it was true. Uncle Ramazan was on holiday with his own family in Turkey at the time of the race. When his nephew phoned him on the morning of the victory, to inform him of the arrival of the International winner, he almost booked a flight back to the Netherlands right away. What was said about good birds breeding good birds was proved by the two results recorded here. The fact that quality X quality could not go wrong, if one is prepared to put the effort in. You need to make the effort and have a lot of time to fulfil your dreams. We as uncle and nephew did exactly that and in the end it helped us cross the finish line to be rewarded as victors. 








Both uncle and nephew are over the moon with the double victory from a beautiful Perpignan race at a race distance of 1140 km. And now that we have tasted victory and will stay concentrated for next season, we are certain that we will do our best to relive this beautiful moment once again in the future.













Here in our auction on TopPigeons we made an effort to offer something special to all of our fellow sport friends, to help increase the quality of their stock l





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