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Introduction of Top Pigeons "Pigeon Description Method 3.0"

Written by Team TopPigeons - 10/10/2017

Introduction of Top Pigeons "Pigeon Description Method 3.0"

Top Pigeons introduces a new description method for the auction pigeons. This simple methodology has been created on the basis of a number of meetings and interviews with toppers from our sport. The pigeon is described on a limited number of important physical characteristics. Physical characteristics that determine the intrinsic quality of the extreme long distance pigeon. Characteristics which are partly decisive for the selection of pigeons made among top fanciers.
It has been chosen for a "Keep it Simple" philosophy and therefore the number of criteria is limited. The customer must continue to see the forest through the trees. We want to have a seemingly precise appearance. However, these are the criteria presented by most top fanciers/experts in our inventory. It remains a snapshot in the sense that, in particular, immature youngsters can still improve in appearance.
With this methodical approach, we give the customer a "tool' to get a better picture of the pigeon without having the pigeon itself in their hands. The Top Pigeons customer gets the opportunity to get a good picture of the pigeon from behind the computer, tablet or mobile phone, an in combination with the photos and pedigrees to make an assessment.

The principles used in this methodology are:
- Nobody can see on the outside whether a pigeon is a topper. Orientation ability and character/determination or will to continue are hardly able to be seen on the outside. However, the pigeon may have such physical properties that it becomes difficult to become a top pigeon.
- Pigeons with "errors" are not offered.
- Appearance accuracy should be easy. "Keep it Simple".
This set of 7 criteria together gives a fairly reliable picture of the physical characteristics on the pigeon. The review is made by experienced fanciers.


- Size of the pigeon.
- Quality of the feathers. The softer and thicker the feathers, the better the ability to fly longer through weather and wind.
- Muscles and flexibility of the muscles. The smoother the muscles the better the endurance and the ability to fly long distances.
- Balance. The more the pigeon is balanced, the easier the flight is and less energy is consumed.
- Bones/Structure. Top fanciers prefer a stong frame with mostly closed vent bones
- Back. The stronger and more flexible the back the easier the flight.
- Color vitality, the better and deeper colored the pigeon is in the tail, neck and eyes, the more likely to inherit quality.

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